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Mah Homies




Gonna Crush yo Skull!
What wow new art by me? Whatcha mean I'm not dead???

I'm so sorry for my inactiveness. You know, its the usual deal with school and being too busy 'n shit. 

So uh yeah. I had some free time and decided to go all out on Deccon here. Feedback is massively appreciated/needed!

Maturity filter?? Nah fam, we all have blood after all.

Oh and PS, do you think thiis level is good enough for possible commissions? Lemme know!

The wall isn't mine but can be found right here:…
Cosmo, Fancy Birdman
Did this for my good friend and classmate :iconpomthing:. Its their wonderfully decadent Birdman with whom I have fallen in love. He was an awesome challenge to draw and I loved every bit of it.

While you're at it, feel free to follow them. 

Cosmo belongs, as expected, to:iconpomthing:

Art belongs to me.

Thanks for looking as always. Feedback is appreciated!
The Three-Horned Devil
More pictures here: 

Jabberwock. The man with no actual name to call his own. No actual knowledge of who his parents were other than the fact they're both considered to be death. With a prophecy tied to his life he travels the world searching for answers. The one who raised him from the point they met when he was five has betrayed him. He has seen comrades die and fought with demons and other horrors alike and despite that he has never seemed to reach any closer to his goals at all.

Now left without a plan,, no friends to call upon and bereft of Nancy, the one constant companion throughout his life, Jabberwock is faced with yet another blade at his neck. The Dragonslayer has won and soon Jabberwock's fate will be the same as the one he took his name from; beheaded and left to rot. 

As the blade is brought down for one last time, a flash occurs and suddenly Jabberwock is in a different place. It's a dark room with enourmous pillars that glow a soft purple. Beyond them, galaxies are visible in the night-sky. 

"So this is what death looks like? Pretty fancy if ya ask me" 

"Death doesn't look like anything. That is the point is it not?" Three eyes light up as the deep voice cuts through Jabberwock's thoughts. "I brought you here so we can make a deal.. I will help you survive if you help me stop your world from ending. I would do it myself but I have billions of other places to attend to."

Jabberwock looks at him and nods "Guess this is the only way huh"

3 months of intensive training pass and then abberwock is sent back to the last seconds of his life. He knows he has to react quickly. Once out, the blade swings at him with incredible speed and he instinctively blocks it. Transformed for the first time in those 3 months, Jabberwock's newfound armoured form will aid him in his quest!


This is Jabberwock's Phase II armor. The armours of soulcasters have this thing where they grow with their human occupant so from time to time they enter a different phase of their existence, just like a person would go from childhood to pubery to adulthood. 

I should really post the poem/Prophecy sometime but I cannot be assed right now. Jabberwock's previous design was Phase I and I'll make sure to make a moc for it to carry out that design later this year. 

Thanks for all the feedback on the "preview" photos from earlier. I decided to bring his older style of head back because II feel it suits the character more. However, I'd like to take this moment to state that NONE of my mocs are canon. The drawings however are. 
Jabberwock: Phase II
So, after what seems a billion years or so I finally return with something to post hehehe. Jabberwock has been revamped entirely, a process that was harsh and took FAR longer than it should've. 

Backstory for this character is something i'll get to in a separated post once I can take better pictures later this week so stay tuned for that!

Feedback would be enormously appreciated.
Seems like another round of the Tagging is infecting hapless victims left and right and as such I couldn't avoid but be bested myself.

As tagged by :iconrainewhisper: and :iconshade2800: (whatever happened to nr 1-2799). I've decided to share with you today;the answers to both sets of questions.

PS.. no tagbacks. As usual.


Rainewhisper's questiones

1. What are three songs you've been listening to a lot lately? 
Waste a Moment-Kings of Leon (Such a nice, jammin'track)
The Emperor's New Clothes-Panic at the Disco (The video for this is just insanely cool)
We Are(Japanese version)-One Ok Rock (Also check out the 18FES version, its even better!)

2. If you suddenly developed a superpower, what would you do about it? Who is the first person you would tell, and why?
I'd first test my newfound powers to their limits and see what happens from there. I'd first tell my girlfriend because hey man that shit's rad as fuck.

3. What is your biggest pet peeve? 
Despite the fact I complain a lot on a daily basis I try to limit myself to actually being annoyed about things. I think my biggest pet peeve is people trying to have one i nthe first place.

4. Where is one place you feel most like yourself?
In the room I'm writing this. I live on my own and this tiny sppace is my kingdom.

5. What are three of your favorite comics? (This can be a webcomic, manga, Sunday comic strip, even a graphic novel counts.)
I'm not overly big into comics but i've read a few manga.
No Life Guns: Despite being not completed this manga has an awesome art-style, great action and its just cool.
Boku no Hero Academia: A bloody solid Shonen manga.
One-Punch-Man: Need I say more?

6. Who are you closest to in your family?
That'd be my mother. She's the only one who can say she's raised me from nothing to who I am now. 

7. What decade of the 1900's would you like to visit at your current age, and why? 
The 80s! Bring it on with Disco, Rock 'n Roll, the original SW trilogy and so many other cool things!

8. When was the last time you went to see a movie in theaters, and what was it?
Last week actually. Finally went to see Fantastic Beasts and where to Find Them. Great movie, looking forward to the rest.

9. What is your favorite quality about your best friend? She's always there for ya when needed and knows how to say the right thing.

10. How many pairs of shoes do you own? Describe them.
I own 3 pairs of shoes.
A pair of run-down, beaten up brown leather chucks. They're way past their usage but man those things never go out of style.

My black sneakers with dark blue laces. These are extremely comfortable, solid shoes I use almost daily.

Dr. Martens, in dark-red with yellow laces. My favourite shoes. They're awesome but I don't wear them as often because I need to walk a good bit to my train-station and doing so on those things is not as comfortable.

11. What’s something you believe in that not everyone else does? 
I practice a dailypphilosophy that I believe would make the world a better place if more people did itin a mindful way. Its really simple and takes NO effort to keep up with and its honestly made some of my worst days end less shitty than they started out. It consists of the following:

I try to be thankful for somethign each day. This can be anything you want.

I try to smile and say hi to a complete stranger every day.

I try to do something for someone else every day. This too can be as simple as holding a door open, it doesn't matter what you do. Its about the intent of contributing to something that doesn't benefit your own gain.

12. What cliches or tropes are you tired of seeing?
The kiss in every movie ever.

The man getting the girl after fighting a lot and the girl doing nothing. Hell I'd like to direct a movie where this is subversed one day.

So many others.

13. What are three general subjects/topics that interest you (health, romance, sports, politics, etc.)?

I try to be as open-minded as ppossible to suck in knowledge off all kinds. However, some topics I take particular interest in are science, animation/movie-making and music. I'm also a nerd in history though and I love hearing about interesting things that are going on.

Shade2800(and 1-2799 I presume) 's questiones

1.Since you all love Bionicle, what was your favorite year and why?
2006. Yo. yo. Yo PIRAKA!

2. What was the first Bionicle set you ever received?
Tahu Mata! (and Onua) Because fuck I'm old.

3. If you were in charge of Bionicle Gen 3, what would it look like and what sort of changes would you make?
I'd reboot the whole thing. Keepp things in line with the original and focus a lot on tellign a new story in a fantasy-tribal setting. It'd be like Gen1 except with an even heavier focus on the tribal aspects.

4. Is there a series or franchise that you like/love that not many people know about or is niche?
POKEMON! Ever heard off? No exactly you're not hipster enough!!!!!

In all seriousness I prolly do but I don't really keep track.
5. Who is your favorite YouTuber? (I do not count.)
(Don't worry it's not you)

At the moment its probably Gigguk.

6. Who is your favorite Deviant? (Again, I do not count.)
(Again, no worries ^^)

Man I got too many favourites to pick from.. (You should see my watchlist, its insane)

7. What is your greatest childhood memory? I don't think I have a real favourite to be honest.
8. Think of the job you want when you graduate. Now let's say you could not get that job. What would be your alternative? If you already have graduated, what alternative job would you have?
9. What is your favorite meme? I have a lot of things I want to do so if plan A don't work I'd prolly just become an animator or make films of my own. 
10. What is the worst movie/game/book you have ever had the (un)fortune to experience? A friend of mine once brought "Zack and Mirri make a Porn" to the birthday-party of a girl who had been raised fairly well. Most awkward movie I've ever seen....
11. Besides Bionicle, what universe would you want to live in? I'd like the capacity of travelling to all of themthanksverymuhI'llbeonmywayhahahbyebye.
12. Taking characters from any source and any fictional medium (Although I will allow real-life figures.), what would your dream team be? (Up to ten characters and only one character per universe.)
Stepphen Hawking
Edward Elric
The Doctor

13. Would you please say something incredibly stupid? Something idiotic? Something that no one would take seriously? Just something fun to end things off.

As I always say: Tissues are for people with Issues~!

That's all Folks!
  • Listening to: Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  • Watching: Doctor Who
  • Playing: with lego
  • Eating: PIZZA always PIZZA (and candy)
  • Drinking: Actual Tea!


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